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IMG_4260Rotor Aviation started in 1999 and was founded on the principle of customer service. After attending and getting "checked out" to fly at other helicopter operators, Kevin Eastman the founder and owner, took the good from all the other helicopter operators and minimized the rest. Rotor Aviation is a very safe, yet laid back, helicopter operator. Professional with an open attitude of sharing information for everyone's gain, Rotor relies heavily on the people we hire to make the right decisions. Pilots have the latitude to make decisions based on safety, not profits, to ensure that your experience is pleasurable. This laid back, decentralized decision making has given the company a relaxed atmosphere where pilots can feel comfortable to say no to dangerous conditions and or situations. This has translated into one of the best, if not the best, safety record in Southern California. No accidents, and even more impressive, no incidents, from any of our pilots nor from any of our students. They are trained and instructed to be professional pilots, even if they just want to be a private pilot. Our real world experience gives the reasons behind the rules and policies of aviation to give the pilots we instruct the understanding it takes to make the right decisions. And, as Rotor Aviation has grown up, we have become an Advanced Helicopter Flight School. Rotor now instructs pilots for turbine transitions and advanced emergency procedures as its specialty. And, as we started selling and exporting helicopters in 2007 to Brazil, we gained the stellar reputation as being honest and the go to company for helicopters. As a result, Rotor Aviation has exported hundreds of helicopters in more than  With more than 250,000 nautical miles of ferry flight miles delivering helicopters throughout the Americas, Rotor Aviation has an impressive reputation for delivering helicopters on time, in excellent condition, and within budget. The confidence our pilots have from their experience enables them to get photographers and cinematographers to sites that other pilots would be afraid to conquer. So, with a proven track record of sales, if you require honesty, safety, and professionalism that stays within budget, Rotor Aviation is your company. Just click here to contact us.

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