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Rotor Aviations’ pilots have successfully delivered helicopters to and through more than 25 different countries. Our knowledge of routes, countries, and the paperwork that goes with it, brings real world experience to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with our experienced pilots and Rotor Aviation’s vast worldwide network to back them up.

And, we have the proven experience to put you where you want to be to get the shot. Our pilots have commanded helicopters for television, film, as well as still photography. Rotor Aviation has credits worldwide, as well as here in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

Aircraft Sales

Rotor Aviation has successfully bought and sold hundreds of helicopters and a few airplanes for export to other countries, mostly Brazil. Rotor’s experience translates into a very clean transaction by taking all the variables into consideration. From Pre-buy services, ferry pilot services, and all the way to coordinating completion services with avionics, interior details, and even painting your helicopter, Rotor Aviation makes sure your helicopter arrives the way you want it when you want it.

Flight Training

Rotor Aviation is dedicated to providing our students with the quality flight instruction necessary for them to achieve their goals. While we have been an expert in the training of Robinson Helicopters, (the R44, R66, and R22 helicopters) as well as Bell and Eurocopter/Airbus, Rotor Aviation’s emphasis is now in transitioning pilots to the turbine helicopters, where pilot’s salaries are on the average larger than piston aircraft. This niche allows us to focus on the real world flying that each of it’s students will be engaged in while flying helicopters for a living.

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