Welcome to Rotor Aviation...

Rotor Aviation provides the highest quality helicopter flight instruction and helicopter services in Southern California. We offer training from the Private Pilot license through ATP, Location Scouting, Photography and Video Platforms and so much more. With Locations at the Long Beach Airport and Torrance it puts us in perfect locations to service all of Southern California.

Our mission is to offer a quality helicopter experience by providing a safe, secure and ergonomically rich environment. Underlining all our actions is a genuinely courteous attitude aimed at serving your needs with safety being our number one consideration.





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Our Goals...

  • We pride ourselves in providing the tools our customers need for a pleasant, secure, and friendly atmosphere. Every pilot we train has achieved the highest standards in as few hours as possible. In other words, we are an efficient and productive flight school.

  • We provide cost conscious training courses and counseling tailored to your specific requirements to assist you in achieving your goals within a very broad industry.

  • Our Mechanics ensure that every aircraft is maintained to the highest standard in the industry to provide safety, as well as performance .

  • Our staff strives to ensure that your helicopter experience is a rewarding, enjoyable and that your needs are met with regards to accommodations, scheduling, and accurate accounting of your flight and ground records.

  • Our pilots maintain the trust and respect of their peers and students in the industry through their execution of aviation excellence, humble professionalism, great attitudes, and empathy for their passengers and students.

Robinson R22 2415C




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Rotor Aviation provides top quality helicopter flight instruction to help you start a career as a commercial helicopter pilot. We offer training from the Private Pilot license through ATP. We give our students an opportunity to learn flying from true professionals with real-world as well as exceptional flight training experience. Rotor Aviation is convienantly located in Southern California at the Long Beach Airport. Rotor Aviation - Training the world's helicopter pilots!!!,
We proudly offer professional flight training in Robinson helicopters for all ratings. We also offer an amazing offer to to transition and build time in the Bell 206B3 Jetranger. We are located in Southern California at the Long Beach Airport. Long Beach Airport provides real world training at a large towered airport with a wide range of surrounding airspace. Come see why training in Southern California and at Rotor Aviation makes a difference. southern california flight training, long beach flight school, helicopter school california, rotor school, helicopter school ca, robinson r44, helicopter long beach, long beach helicopter training, rotor, helicopter, southern california helicopter school, aerial photography, academy, accelerated, add-on, Aerial, Agusta, airborne, aircraft, airplane, airport, angeles, AS, atp, Autorotate, aviation, beach, bell, Beta, block, cal, california, southern california, career, caruso, certified, CFI, CFII, charter, commercial, county, course, courses, CPL, dual, eastman, enforcement, Eurocopter, FAA, flight, fly, flying, for, ground, helicopter, helicopters, helipad, heliport, IFR, instruction, instructor, instructors, instrument, Jet, Jetranger, justin, justin vanson, kevin, kevin eastman, la, la county, law, learn, lessons, license, LGB, long, long beach, los, los angeles, lukofnak, maneuvers, News, orange, photography, pilot, pilots, Pitch, POH, police, PPL, private, professional, R22, r-22, R44, R-44, Ranger, Raven, richard, Richard Lukofnak, rico caruso, rico, Riverside, Robinson, rotor, rotoraviation.com, Rotorcraft, scenic, school, schools, Schweizer, sighteeing, sightseeing, sky, so, socal, solo, south, southern,Star, Supplies, time, tours, training, vanson, video, west, www.rotoraviation.com, Aerial Coordinator, dinner tours, location scouting, hollywood, rides, IFR, Production, filming, chopper, Los Angeles dinner tours, Southern California aerial photography, Hollywood helicopter flights, Helicopter tours in Los Angeles, Southern California executive transportation, sightseeing flights, helicopter flight training school, airplane, bell, commercial, copter, flight, california, Aerial Production, Aerial Coordinator, helicopter pilot, special occations, annerversery gift ideas, corporate incentive ideas, flight instructor, aviation career, aviation jobs, star homes, whale watching, hollywood aerial views, helicopter sightseeing flights, romantic adventure, Stunt Pilot, helicopter rides, flight simulators, gift certificates, filming location, FAA computer written test, helicopter, helicopters, inclusive, instructors, packages, pilot, private, rating, ratings, robinson, rotor, rotorcraft, school, type, usa, add on, usa, chopper, private, commercial, instructor, rotorcraft, bell, robinson, wing and rotor, aviation